Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I realise i kinda like guys with some grey hair. It looks real gd. Let's say.. Richard Gere?

The first grey hair man that i fall in love to.. Aww~

George Clooney
Well, i didnt really notice George Clooney until i watch Up in the Air.
And he definately captured my heart. That bad boy look.. OooooOo. Delicious.
Steve Martin.
Ha, this is totally white but i still find him attractive. He portraits a Mr Nice Guy feel. Well, i feel that he really acted very well for the role "Adam" in It's Complicated.
Gerard Butler
No, i nv find Gerard Butler handsome/attractive or what. Not my cup of tea i should say. But what makes me appreciate him was, he acts really well. 300, PS i love you, Law Abiding Citizen.

Afterall, PS I love you is really a book that i love. So, he earns the credit. ;)
Thou i find guys with grey hair is handsome, but of course i still love my initial choice: Aston Kutcher.
This guy.. Just enough to melt me and makes me go crazy with.

This is the reason why im in love with Brown hair and not Blonde. ;)
Lookin at this pic.. I tink Demi Moore is definately enjoying her every moments with him. *Wink*

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